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Chris was doing some yard work yesterday. He came into the house dodging a wasp.The wasp got him on the knee. ANYWAY, he tripped over the dehumidifier, banged the back of his head on the door and ended up face down, glasses broken. He was in serious pain. We took him to the urgent care place and they said take an aspirin, and by the way your left side is weaker than your right, go to a hospital, we can't help you. (NICE PEOPLE!)

I called his regular NeuroDoc. By some stroke of luck, the doctor was still in his office. He told me to have Chris 'Get the hell over here NOW!' So Bob drove him to the doctor's office.

The verdict is, he has whiplash injury to his neck, sprained wrist bruises on his elbow and collarbone. Oh, and dont forget the wasp sting on the knee!

Today Chris is VERY sore, to say the least.
28th-May-2015 05:13 am - The Morning Kitties
Cat in a box
For those who like cats. This is 'Cat Symphony' by Austrian painter Moritz von Schwind, 1866.


24th-May-2015 11:21 pm(no subject)
pink rose
Last year, my best friend of nearly 40 years died from breast cancer. Even though she was in Reading Pennsylvania and I'm in Westchester, NY, we didn't let the distance stop or dampen our friendship. I don't regret giving myself carpal tunnel in both hands from knitting her pretty (and some funny looking) Chemo Caps. (After everything she suffered, it's just small stuff)

Deb and I met in an Oratorio choir. We both had a great and wacky sense of humor, and it wasn't long before we were good friends. We were both in our 20's, we lived close to each other and hang out nearly every day. We were both pregnant at the same time when we had our first babies. We survived divorce together, and when I was homeless, Deb asked me to move in and share her house. She never asked for a cent for room or board.

When I remarried and moved to New York, we kept in touch by phone and visits. When ever we visited each other, it was a grand reunion.

I saw Deb for the last time a week before her death. We laughed together and I sang part of the shepherds' chorus from her favorite Christmas opera (one which we had sung together many times in choirs) Amahl and the Night Visitors. We knew it was good by when I left.

So, now, her eldest daughter is remarried and very happily. Her youngest daughter graduates from High School. Her middle daughter keeps an eye on her Dad, to make sure he's doing ok. I keep in tough with them, and we find real comfort in this. I promised Deb I'd look out for them, and they look on me as a second Mom.

I'm the goofy blonde in the dark clothes. Deb's the other one. It's the one good picture of us together.
22nd-May-2015 10:23 pm - Randomness
pink rose
Our neighbors brought over a platter of chicken wings for us. These are the same people who gave us the roast. I appreciate and cherish this couple so much. I have told them I want to repay their kindnesses to us, but they won't hear of it. I told Ebbie, (the wife) that I'd like to knit something for her little girls. She said she would love it. I told her I was given some soft pink yarn, and there is enough to make boleros for both little girls. I have a shawl in a royal purple that I was going to sell, but I think I will give it to her instead. And I will knit a warm hat for her husband. This will be a way I can personally thank them.

Today, another cat showed up on my back step. This cat was black with beautiful green eyes! Maybe he/she will bring good luck. (I've always had good luck from black cats)

Hubster continues to do well. Today the visiting nurse tested his INR (to keep tabs on the blood thinner he takes. While he was in the nursing home place, it was way out of wack, the clotting time was to quick). Now that he is home and settled in, it is the perfect score. I put that to a good diet, and getting rid of the med that was making his feet swell!

Tomorrow Hubster is driving me to the market for shopping. If there isn't one of those scooter things, he'll hang out in the cafe and wait for me.

Another friend sent a gift to Paypal for us. It was much appreciated. It's going to be transferred to the bank and go towards groceries.

I'm doing well economizing. I spend appx $50-60 a week on groceries. We are eating well enough. I get veggies and fruit from the 'used and abused' shelf, and dented cans. I make 'convenience' foods from scratch, and pad out hamburgers with mashed red or pinto beans. And then there are the donations from the neighbors that feed us for two or three meals. So we are ok at the moment.
21st-May-2015 10:05 pm - Neighbors again!
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This is our nice neigThey brought us a huge platter of chicken wings. last week it was beef, this week chicken! THey are just so thoughtful. They brought their little girls over to see Hubster, and they kids were so glad he's getting better. Lovely kids and a beautiful family!
17th-May-2015 12:02 pm - The Friday Five
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So, I'm late. big Deal.

1. What was your favorite childhood meal?
Deep Fried Jumbo Shrimp an French Fries.

2. What is the best holiday for eating in your family?
Birthdays are pretty awesome, but Christmas Dinner always rocked everyone. It was one solid day of eating. Sweet rolls or German Stollen for breakast with coffee, lunch was sandwiches with homemade cookies. Dinner was Turkey with everything that goes with it and them some. Along with the usual there would be additional candied yams, homemade rolls.homemade pickles and salads. Then there were at least three pies and a cake or two.

3. If someone could fix you a meal, and you didn't have to worry about cost or calorie count, what would you ask them to make?
Chicken friend steak with white gravy, and Fiddleheads

4. What food(s) do you truly dislike/hate/have allergies to?
Organ meat, like liver or kidneys.

5. Could you give up eating meat if you wanted/needed to? yeah.
16th-May-2015 06:47 pm - Hubster Update
pink rose
He's actually doing very well. He's no longer using the walker, ,he's graduated to the cane. Very proud of him. He's working very hard on his exercises and all. Of course, I'm making good food for him, that will help in his recovery. It's a trick stretching the penny. He can't go back to work for a month, and that's worrying.
In fact I don't sleep because of the worry over money. Just wish his mother or sister would cough up and help us. >__< .

I did some wash today. I draped one sheet over the shower curtain rail, the other I spread between the two walkers. Everything else went on hangers. Why is it what things break when you need them! I can't hang wash in the back garden because of the housing nazis. I have to find someone to nail the lawn for us,
15th-May-2015 12:25 am - Today
pink rose
The physical therapist came today. I liked her right away. She looks to be my own age, long, curly, silver hair and a merry Irish face. She has the look that's a cross between a hippie chick and a n Irish Traveler. She knows her stuff and put Bob thru his paces. She28"" be back later.
12th-May-2015 07:16 pm - Two gifts today.
pink rose
Today, Hubster came home after seven weeks in hospital and in a rehab center. I am grateful to say the least. It's going to be a while til he's able to work, but I'll be there with him every step of the way.

The second gift was three bags if yarn from Bob's mother! Dave (my steppie) bought it along for me when he came to the house this morning. I was stunned to say the least. She's giving up knitting because her hands no longer will do it, after all, she is 97!

Here's a pic of the new stash - including a POUND of Alpaca yarn and another pound of fingering yarn in Kelly Green!

11th-May-2015 07:32 pm - Ye Olde Computer Magazine
good morning
We found these two gems while cleaning out the office that belongs to He-who-never-throws-out-ANYTHING! =D

Here's Unix World and Byte magazine from June 1990!

10th-May-2015 07:17 pm(no subject)
pink rose
We have coyotes in the area. I've heard them talking back and for with howls and yips. Part of me wants to leave the poor critters alone, but we do have a lot of little kids in the neighborhood, so I should report them.
6th-May-2015 05:18 pm(no subject)
Hubster is due to be released on May 12, that's next Tuesday. I will be more than happy to have him home. It's been unbelievably lonely with him being first in the hospital, then in the rehab place. As I was saying to him the other day, no one calls me. I haven't heard one peep from his mother or sister(mixed blessing) and his son , my steppie, hasn't as much as texted me once. I told Hubster that I have thoroughly given up on people, and I want another dog. It needn't be a huge thing, or one that grows into huge (as Pepper did, the rescue place told us she would be 35 pounds at most -and at most she was 110lbs) Hubster does not like small dogs, but I think a small one would be the answer.

A cat wouldn't be a bad idea, if both he and Chris weren't allergic!

In the meantime, I am not totally petless. The squirrels and chipmunks are tame, and there is that feral cat that spends time on my back step, keeping me company.(although he won't let me near him) I do admit to feeding him. I haven't named him, that would be admitting he was my cat!
4th-May-2015 07:56 pm - Still cleaning all things
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Today I cleaned the dining area (we don't have a dining room, we have an 'L' off the living room and kitchen)
I took stuff upstairs that belonged upstairs. Then I decluttered the bedroom, and cleaned out the corner by what was formerly my side of the bed. There were a huge bunch of magazines, mostly 'Victoria' - that gorgeous house and garden magazine with rooms and houses that only exist in the minds of decorators and not real people. There were books all over the place (as usual), so they were dusted and put back where they belong. Then I went downstairs again, bagged the garbage bags in larger bags.

It was around then Chris came in. He'd been working for the dentist again. Anyway,he had been stuck for a while inthe city, because the president was in town. Chris ended up taking the train, then a cab. When he and the cabbie got to our street, our neighbor's dog, Mollie, was loose. (She climbs the fence now and then) So he had to rescue her. Anyway, to make a short story long, he dropped his mobile and it fell out of his pocket and it fell into the wheel well of the cab. Well, he thought it fell into the back seat or floor of the cab. Eventually, the company called to say they found the damned phone. So of course,it being our rottenluck, Chris had to take a cab to the train station cab stand to claim his phone!

Yesterday, I couldn't get a cab to save my life. I was visiting Hubster, andcalled a cab around 4pm. Thedamned thing didnt show up til 6!

The only good thing today was Kate and Wills Mountbatten-Windsor slipped in his mother's name into their baby girl's names. Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. Heh. I bet the old Duke o Edinburgh shat himself over that. =D =D Anyway, the kid is cute as a button.
2nd-May-2015 11:32 pm - Cooking
what&#39;s cooking
I decided to cook dinner for the next couple of nights. So, I made a meat, pasta and tomato thing in my Instant Pot. No, it's not that electic pressure cooker they advertise on tv, this is a real multi tasker, it pressure cooks, slow cooks, steams, makes rice and is also a yogurt maker.

Dinner turned out so well, and smelled so delicious, that son!Chris, who doesn't usually eat meat, had two servings! Guess it won't last as long as I had hoped!
1st-May-2015 08:21 pm(no subject)
Dump this
At least we didn't have any input from the freaking neighbors today. =P As far as I'm concerned, they can shit in their hats. =P

Son!Chris went to visit his Dad today. They had a good old chat, as they spent the afternoon talking. Chis didn't get home til past four.

We then went back to sorting out the office. Hubster is such an almighty packrat! At least I know is system and can sort better than Chris.

I did clean out my one and only file cabinet drawer. I put my stuff in a shopping bag. It's mostly old clipped recipes from magazines. I should just spend a day scanning them. Better than having files and files of loose stuff.

Still worried about money. I hope I can stretch what savings we have left until Hubster goes back to work. I've got to make the car payment tomorrow, it's not a huge chunk of money, but it will take the sum down a but. At least I was able to pay the health insurance for us.

I'm still taking donations, if anyone has the scratch...
29th-Apr-2015 06:10 pm(no subject)
pink rose
Still spring cleaning the house. The place is going to be pristine when Hubster gets home. He has a 'target date' of May 12. As of today, he's no longer using a wheelchair to get around.He's using a walker (walking frame) and can stand on his own without an aide.

The food at the place continues to be awful. Hubster just orders a sandwich for his dinner. Everything else is just garbage. When he gets home, I'll be cooking everything he loves.
25th-Apr-2015 07:39 pm - In Bitch Mode
pink rose
When I talked to hubster this morning (around 10) He said he was still hooked up to his PICC line, and the aid hadn't been in to get him dressed bathed, or to the bathroom. Then he said the same aid had given him problems last week- He was stuck in the bathroom. Everytime he rang for assistance, she just turned off the bell and walked off! So, practically snarling, I called a cab and was up there in ten minutes. I WAS snarling when I walked up the the nurses' station and asked if Hubster was dressed, and of his Picc line. The weekend woman didn't know, but when I walked into his room, there he sat still in his nightclothes, with the aid no where in sight, I raised hell in no uncertain terms. No excuse for that!

So once that got organized and all, We settled down for a nice chat. Then I followed him to the PT room and watched him go through his paces. He''s doing so very well!/

When we got back to his room, the nurses brought me a lunch tray so I could eat with him. I was surprised with that! Maybe they was just making nice!
23rd-Apr-2015 09:28 pm - Meh
pink rose
The birthday arrived. A few online friends remembered, which was nice.
The day was spent cleaning Hubster's office. God, what a mess. He just keeps everything. So I am viciously attacking it. No holds barred, no prisoners. Three bags of old bills and stuff, shredded and bagged.

We found out today that his target date is May 16. I have no idea how we we make it finanacially.

So that is all here. If I was a drinking woman,I'd be in a stupor by now. I'm now fun. =P
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