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Jul. 8th, 2014

pink roses
So, I' in the bedroom, AC on, and Hubster purring away on the other side of his c-pap mask. ( he falls asleep as soon as it's on). My fibro's been kicking, and I developed a tooth ache. I did make an appt with our dentist. God only knows how we'll fund the work.( kick starter? Fund VR's root canal and I'll give you my apple cake recipe? Give me a shitload of $$ and I'll bake you the freaking cake!)

Thought I'd do a bit of writing ( longhand) and transcribe it tomorrow. Here I sit in the cool, earbuds shoved in my ears, the things plugged into my iPod, hoping that the muse will sing.

God, it was hot today. 93F . Hope the heat breaks soon.

Grateful for the AC.


One hell of a story

I found an article on The true story starts in 1744, and is about a geographer Jean Godin and his wife Isobel. Jean decides it is time to go back to France, and leaves his wife and children to scout a path along the Amazon to French Guiana. He then disappears for 20 years. His wife never gives up hope. This is the story of their perilous journey and eventual reunion. Welcome to the Jungle

Wedding gig

pink roses
One of our clients is getting married today. He's a jazz musician and a perfectionist where his piano is concerned. Rather than leaving the music up to a rental piano that may not sound the way he wants it, he had one of his pianos, a studio upright, moved outside, under a tent for the reception. Hubster is tuning the piano twice. Once before the ceremony and then again before the reception. So, he's off in rich-people's-land today.

Between the tunings, he's spending time at him mother's place, which is 15 minutes away from the client's house. So that's nice. We get a good chuck of $$ for the day, and his mother gets to see him without me (and I don't have to put up with her miserable first world problems, etc)

So what am I doing. I'm watching junk tv shows ('Say Yes To The Dress') and ripping the sleeves out of an old dress to restyle it for summer.

Wombats! Lots of Wombats!

Contemplative Wombat
Sleepy Burrows, Wombat Rescue Check out this page, and be sure to scroll down to the video of 'Peanut'. My dog used to run across our couch like that.

Omg. I love wombats!

Earthquake WTF?

This morning, apparently there was a mild earth tremor in our area. Boom-chica-boom. I thought it was a truck going down the street. Map! It was centered north of us.

I just hope it doesn't wake up the Ardsley Fault. That's close by and the last time it shook, it practically scared the pee out of me! This is the one that shook us out of bed at 6:07am! Of course, the boys slept through it!

Sewing project

pink roses
As I mentioned before, I am remaking a long sleeved, long nightgown into a short sleeved summer robe. I scored a vintage nightgown made of silky fabric. I really wouldn't wear it, but as a robe I certainly could use it. I took off the sleeves, opened the seams, then cut off the lace cuffs. Next I'll cut some of the length off the bottom of it, and cut open the front of the garment. The lacy cuffs will go at the shoulders for a little decorative interest. The extra fabric from the sleeves and the bottom will go into side gussets. I will bind the front edge and make a few buttonholes.
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Better post while I have the chance.

stormy weather
We've got a bunch of whiz-bang thunderstorms tonight. Tomorrow brings rain and wind as Hurricane Arthur passes by.

The weather has been OMG!HOT!. I can do without it, specially when it comes to cooking. Tonight, we had chicken salad stuffed tomatoes and rolls. The chicken was frozen and by Tyson. Meh. All you taste is the spices.I can't cook chicken because it is a trigger food for our son's Trigeminal Neuralgia. Just making the salad nearly knocked me on my butt. Damn, I wish hot weather would just melt the body fat like Crisco melts in a frying pan. Good thought, but I bet it would be messy as hell.

We STILL have not heard from the organization that owes us nearly $2000. They called and gave us a sob story about how they haven't gotten their grant yet, boo hoo hoo. Well, Buckos, I have to put my groceries on a credit card! We're giving them one more week and then it's small claims. I wish we could afford a lawyer and get more $$ out of them, but by the timer a judge sees the case I'm certain it will be close to $3000 due as the late fees accumulate. I'm not saying who they are. Not yet.

Last night was the first time we slept with the AC on in the bedroom. I slept SO WELL! I watched a bit of 'So you think you can dance'. I liked the tap dancers. The two ballet dancers were ok, but they don't have the charisma you need to be stars. The two tap dancers have what it takes. (OMG, I watched a show on FOX!)

The soy milk (Silk Light vanilla) continues to work wonders with my gizzard. I feel so much better. I tried it in tea and I was sorry. (dear god it was vile!) I know Silk makes a creamer, I 'll give it a shot when $ isn't a problem. I've been using plain evap in a can and have had very little tummy trouble from it. So far so good. But if I use the stuff in the carton, wow, do I feel sick to my stomach after.

From ClassicFM- Cellists

harpsichord dance
I know lots of cellist, and one is my favorite character to write. This link is all about cellists.
The ten worst things about playing the cello

It's been a LONG day

Contemplative Wombat
I woke up at 3am with spasms in my hand. Of course, everything just knotted up and the hand didn't calm down til 4:30 am, so I just made tea and stayed up.

I did some laundry, folded some that had already dried. Now I am up to date on laundry. All the winter clothes are clean and ready to be stored away. My summer wardrobe is sparse. I need to spend a solid week or two just sewing.

Dinner was supposed to be an easy casserole- layers of rice, meat in red sauce, and regular American cheese (yes, I know BaritoneJeff must be spinning in his grave!) While that meal is plain, it's really good and always turns out well. Except this time. I was measuring some boiling water into a pot with rice in it, and I heard the measuring cup crack. A split second later, there was boiling hot water and broken glass all over the place- including my left hand. I immediately stuck my hand under the cold tap. Hubster and Son ran into the kitchen. Hubster, kept me calm, and Son cleaned up the glass and mopped the floor. I think I was more scared than scalded. After a half hour in a dish of cold water (with an ice cube added every time it melted so that the water stayed cold) and several Advils given to me by Hubster, I calmed down. I was absolutely shaking. I kept thinking that I was glad I jumped out of the way because I wear sandals in hot weather. All I needed were burned feet.

Hubster went to McDonalds for chicken sandwiches, and that, with melon for dessert, was our Sunday Dinner.

So now I am watching baseball and chilling for a while. Maybe I'll go to bed early.

Jun. 27th, 2014

pink roses
Had a rough night due toa few bites and hot, humid weather. The heat seems to have broken for the moment. I have the back patio door open and I have a glass of iced coffee.

This morning I booked two concert rentals for December, both Messiahs. One is certain and the other is a hold the date. So that is good. Also, I heard from the bunch that owe us for the concert/master class rental back in March. They said they will send two payments. Uh huh. As long as we get it.

Hubster had a day of tunings at a local music festival. He's tired our and dehydrated today, but at least there was shade for him to sit in and he was paid too.

This is new. I seem to be lactose intolerant, which is an odd thing to happen. Milk has never bothered me before. Suddenly I have tummy problems when I have my morning cereal and milk. This past week I tried Lactose-Free milk. YUCK. It has so much sugar in it, too. So I put Soy milk on the grocery order. I'll see how I like that. As for my tea and coffee, I found a low fat, sugar-free creamer that doesn't seem to bother me.

Work calls. Back Later.


pink roses
Hot day today, humid and in the upper 80's. Just nasty.

My friend Deb's daughter is having an internet sale to raise funds for her family. Deb was the sole breadwinner. I'm posting a link to the sale page on facebook, hoping a few people will buy an item or two. Sale Page

Congrats to Indiana!

marrige equality

Indiana's ban on same sex marriage ruled unconstitutional!

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